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Trips and Events
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 Deleon Springs  - A day in History     3 day trip                                            January  13th
 Manatee Festival at Blue Spring Park                                                             January 27,28th             8:00 am/ 1:00 pm                 4 hrs
 Stetson Rowing Sprints                                                                                     March  12/19                    7:00 am                                    3 hrs
 Antique Boat parade                                                                                           March  23/28
 DHS Class of 72 Spring trip                                                                              April 27 or 30th               9:30 am                                    3hrs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
​ Anything that floats on Lake Beresford
 4th of July on Lake Monroe                                                                             July 4th                              10:00 am                              All Day                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
​DHS Class Reunion  Sunsets on the River to the River Grill                      October 13- 14th              5:00 pm                                 4.5 hrs.
Saturday  Blue Spring ( 8:00 am )  Ride on the River ( 2:00 pm )            October 15
Sunday the 16th Blue Spring and St Johns River Grill                                October 16                                 ?
Sunsets on Lake Beresford                                                                                 November                        5:00 pm                                 2.5  hrs.
Stetson  Rowing  Rendezvous   - All Day -                                                      November 11,12                                                                  All Day

Deland to Deland - Christmas Lights on the River -  Thanksgiving thru Christmas                           5:00 pm                                 2.5 hrs.

Deland to Astor  Christmas Parade                                                                   Dec. 2nd                           10:00 am                                   6 hrs.
Astor Fl.  to Lake Beresford, Deland Fl.                                                           Dec. 3rd                           10:00 am                                   7 hrs.

DeLand Christmas Boat Parade                                                                         Dec. 9th                          4:00 pm                                    4 hrs.
Sanford Christmas Boat Parade                                                                         Dec. 16th                          10:00 am                             All  Day

WEATHER can affect Departing and Docking Times
Departing from 1896 W. Beresford Rd. DeLand Florida 32720 at the Historic Alexander Landing


               Please arrive 30 min. before departure time.
               No cost for DHS Reunion on the River, but if you would like to help with the fuel cost that would be great.
               Schedule and details can  change.
               12  passenger limit per trip
               Bring snacks and drinks
​               If you are in a hurry to be somewhere,  this is not the boat ride for you.....  this is a time to relax and spend
                    time with friends.
               Call  your classmates friends and schedule a boat trip ASAP.